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Project Description
RSA Tools allows you to handle easy with Encryption, Decryption Singning and Verifying of Messages. The programm was written to sign and verify licences. You don't longer need to do complicated Licensing, Just take the processorID or mac-adress! This project was written in VB.NET.

This Tool will help you to create Licenses and more. The encryption and decryption aren't made for long strings, but for serial keys or informations about the user.
You can, like I do, send the cpu id and mac adress of the pc and also a secret password or question or something else for the new key when he buys a new pc. This guaranteed that nobody else can use this key.
The License Key has also to be out of cpu id and mac. For example, your cpu id is FE365C and the mac 45::24::F5::e6 etc., then the serial could be FE365-4524F-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.
But you can also sign large messages, and this tool supports clipboard encryption! That means that when you have windows 7, you only need to show the preview of the Window in the taskbar and there you can acces all the Features. (Allmost all).

HowTo: Mac

Here's the AntiVirus-Report:

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