Using the Encrypt-Tool

With this Function you can encrypt messages, so that nobody without the private key can read it. That means that you need the private key to decrypt encrypted messages.

In the "Message to Encrypt"-box you can either type in any text or load a file. But: You can only encrypt small pieces of text (max 255 chars!), yet. Don't encrypt large strings or Files! This function was made for activation datas of programms. You can encrypt the name, ip and/or mac or something else to authenticate the user. The encryption of bigger strings will be supported soon.

Now you can click on the "Encrypt"-button to start the encryption.

The result will be shown in the "Encrypted Message"-box. Here you can also save the enrypted string with the "..." button above.

Check the "Using PKCS#1-Padding"-box, when you don't have Windows XP or higher. else you can uncheck it. But if you want to decrypt this message, you must have the same setting as in the encrypt mode.

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