Using the KeyGen-Tab

In the KeyGen-Tab you can generate a new key-pair, which you need to use the other tabs.
You can generate new keys, load existing keys and save your keys.

The "Key-Length" box sets the length of the key. Normal is 1024 Bytes for a key.

The "Generate" Button generates a new pair and deletes the old one.

When you click "Random", a new containername will be created. This is for higher security.

If the "Automatic Random" is checked, then everytime when you click on the "Generate" button a new containername will be created.

"Containername for Keys" - If you've lost e.g. your private or public key, and know the Containername of the lost key, and type it in, the old keypair will be rescued. BUT: Only if you haven't a new computer AND haven't reinstalled your operating system!

The Red marked field contains the private key. You have to save it 'with your life' because if someone gets this key, he will be able to do the same things as you!
You can save the private key or open an existing private key. The programm will automatically check whether this is an valid private key or not.
You can also simulate things. If you want to check functionally, you can generate both keys and delete the private one. It is as you would only have the private key.

The green marked box contains the public key. Green, because everyone you want can get this key, included the ones, who wants to crack encrypted messages. With the public key its impossible to decrypt messages or sign messages. Only the private key can do this.

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